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can we just talk about bioware’s idea of a unicorn


it has a sword through its head

I paid extra money to get this bog unicorn.

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Shadow Type presents a broad spectrum of examples—advertising, shop signs, billboards, posters, type-specimen books—featuring the most popular, rare, and (nearly) forgotten dimensional letters from Europe and the United States. Compiled by the leading historian of graphic design Steven Heller and renowned graphic designer Louise Fili. Hardcover available this September from PAPress!

Saw Norman Reedus today!

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Some roughs for Adrian’s planeswalker. I have no idea if this is the right design direction or not haha. These ideas are based off what I think is her favorite deck and the kinds of renfest things she likes, respectively.

My friend draw me up as a planeswalker for mtg. I have the greatest friends.


Ricardo Polo   |   http://7vectores.com

Illustrator and graphic designer based in Madrid, Spain. Playing with vectors, creating images for posters, books, magazines, t-shirts, logos. I also design the layout for publications, designing posters, flyers or cards.

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tumblr_ladhpt1l1B1qzwokwo1_500 (by alex_pull)


tumblr_ladhpt1l1B1qzwokwo1_500 (by alex_pull)


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Trend Hand Made

is a font made of layers, taking as a basis a sans and a slab font.

It is the result of observation, search and study of the last global trends. Trend tries to capture the aesthetics of fashion or even fashion itself, integrating elements of a very popular and current trend.

It is a typeface designed to be used without need to add anything external to it, because it has all components required for this.

Trend is trending.

Buy it for an offer of $19 the 21 fonts!



National Geographic Photographer of the Year: Mr. Tall Fox



National Geographic Photographer of the Year: Mr. Tall Fox

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Get inspired on Betype.co

Daily reminder to feed rescued animals for free

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Flora Borsi    |    http://behance.net/yayuniversal

“What Photoshop Would Look Like in Real Life? I would like it!”

My name is Flóra Borsi. I’m 19 years old and I live in Hungary. I’ve interested in photo-manipulating since 2004. I’ve been taking photos since 2007. I won a half-professional camera on a photo contest in 2008 and I’ve been working with that since then.

I usually do (self) portraits, concept arts, photo-manipulations, fashion editorials. The essence of my photos is to visualize the physically impossible in a form of photo manipulation. At portraits I’m trying to mediate the models. I haven’t mentioned my style, because I think it hasn’t been emerged, and it’s still developing and forming

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